About DMB

DMB’s track record of developing world-class communities is predicated on building lasting relationships with municipalities, surrounding residents, local businesses, community groups and other community stakeholders. We select truly exceptional properties in the most desirable locations, such as Rancho Mirage, and create new communities that have a positive impact on the community at large.  DMB communities have won countless awards for design, planning, innovation and environmental sensitivity.

In designing each new community, DMB takes its cues from the land itself based on the history, culture, character, climate and natural environment of the local area. With patience and respect, the company explores the distinctive attributes of the land, the historical legacy of the region and the most cherished qualities of the surrounding community.  These elements then shape the vision, philosophy and design character of the new community to ensure its authenticity and regional appropriateness.  Because of this approach, no two DMB projects are alike and each captures the distinctive character of its particular location.