• Where is Section 31?

    The property is located south of Gerald Ford Drive, east of Bob Hope Drive, west of Monterey Avenue and north of Frank Sinatra Drive. The property is located within the City of Rancho Mirage, CA.

  • Why has the property remained vacant?

    Section 31 is a 618-acre parcel that was purchased in March 2018. Once part of the Annenberg Estate, the property was sold in the 1970s and eventually divided into separate interests in the 1980s. Since then, interests in the property have changed hands several times and been foreclosed upon. At one time a plan was submitted for development approvals as The Eagle project, but the plans never came to fruition.  The current ownership group consolidated the divided interests and is seeking to pursue a new development vision for the site.

  • Who is DMB?

    DMB, the master developer for Section 31, is an Arizona-based, diversified real estate company with real estate holdings through affiliated companies. Founded in 1984, DMB’s projects include signature commercial properties, resort/recreational and primary home communities, country clubs, health clubs and spas. DMB is known for developing projects that complement and enhance the greater communities of which they are a part throughout the western United States, including California, Arizona, Utah and Hawaii.

  • What is DMB proposing to do with the property?

    DMB’s goal for Section 31 is to develop a world-class luxury community that includes a series of elegant desert neighborhoods and formal park spaces, together with a vibrant Town Center featuring shopping, dining, entertainment, galleries, and high-end resort hotels.  The entire community will be organized around a serene desert Grand Oasis featuring Crystal Lagoon technology with clear swimmable water surrounded by picturesque desert landscapes and sandy beach shorelines. The Grand Oasis,  34 acres in size, will feature numerous opportunities for water-based recreation, including a  controlled daily access beach park as the focal point of the Town Center. Shoreline restaurants and luxury hotels will overlook this Grand Oasis, with the spectacular Santa Rosa mountains in the background. 

    Importantly, DMB is committed to water conservation and sophisticated desert-appropriate design. Thus, we are proposing to forego building a golf course, which is the typical amenity found in large luxury communities in Rancho Mirage. The Grand Oasis we are proposing as our central amenity will use  significantly less water than even a carefully managed golf course. 

  • Where is Section 31 in the planning process?

    In late 2019, DMB received approvals from the City of Rancho Mirage on the community’s Specific Plan, Master Tentative Map, Development Agreement and Lagoon Preliminary Development Permit. 

  • How will this project benefit Rancho Mirage?

    Development of Section 31 will serve as an engine for economic development for Rancho Mirage. The inclusion of  the Town Center with luxury resort hotels will produce significant jobs and tax revenue, as well as a vibrant new gathering place for high-end dining and entertainment. Additionally, the wealth of water-based recreational opportunities afforded by the Grand Oasis should help extend the tourism season into the warmer months of the year. 

  • What is the development plan for Section 31?

    The Specific Plan provides a guidebook for development of up to a combined total of 1,932 residential and resort hotel-branded residential units, 400 hotel keys and up to  100,000 square feet of restaurant, entertainment and neighborhood commercial uses, all centered around the Grand Oasis featuring Crystal Lagoon technology.  

    These engaging uses will bring the Community to life, complete with a luxury resort-hotel complex, a residents’ beach club, a Town Center and multiple residential villages organized around a multi-use Grand Oasis.

  • How many homes are planned?

    A total of approximately 1,932 residential units are planned, inclusive of units in residential communities, hotel-linked residential units and higher density units located in the Town Center area. Residential development will consist of single family detached homes and attached dwelling units in a variety of configurations within the areas closest to the Grand Oasis and Town Center. Amenities other than the Grand Oasis include a private beach club and neighborhood parks. 

  • What will the Town Center include?

    The Town Center Planning Area includes resort hotels and cluster housing types within an area of approximately 80 acres situated in the northeast quadrant of the project. This planning area is planned to yield up to 175,000 square feet of combined restaurant and entertainment destinations, multifamily projects; up to 400 hotel keys; and up to 230 branded resort units. It is intended that the Town Center will provide a backdrop for many forms of creative expression, from public art and live music performances to iconic architectural elements and engaging personal spaces.

  • Will the Town Center be open to the public?

    The Town Center Planning Area will feature appealing outdoor spaces and beachfront development adjacent to the Grand Oasis and will be open to the public.

  • What is the Grand Oasis?

    The Grand Oasis will be the signature open space and recreational element at the core of the Community. This crystal-clear body of water of approximately 34 acres with a depth of 12 feet, designed, constructed and operated using Crystal Lagoons technology, will accommodate swimming, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and other small-scale, non-motorized recreational water craft. A public bike and pedestrian trail, or Grand Oasis Promenade, will meander generally around the Grand Oasis to provide a recreational opportunity for residents and visitors to the Community.

  • Will the Grand Oasis be open to the public?

    Yes, a public beach area will be directly adjacent to the Town Center as will parks, entertainment venues, watercraft rentals, a boardwalk and waterfront dining opportunities. Public usage of the Town Center beach will require advance reservations and will be subject to daily limits. Public water craft launching and docking areas will accommodate paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes. Access to the water will be limited to defined public beach locations and designated swimming areas.

  • Where will the water for the Grand Oasis come from?

    The water source for the Grand Oasis will be a private well located at Section 31. The Grand Oasis will feature efficient water balance, and evaporation control additives have been included to reduce evaporation rates from the lagoon.

  • What will the homes cost?

    Section 31 will include a range of home types, sizes and price points offered by select builders. Specific information on builders and home costs is not available at this time.